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The Best Kept Secrets For Creating Timeless Style At Home

Timeless style is the holy grail of interior design and décor. Creating a space that has enduring and classic elegance without being unimaginative, is a difficult balance to strike. There are some rules to achieving timeless appeal, which we’ve put into practice again and again over the past sixty years as one of Britain’s leading fabric experts. Discover our trade secrets on how to add lasting charm to your décor.

Invest in beauty

Beautiful pieces outlast any passing trends, so when choosing the main components of a room, be it a bed, a sofa, a pair of curtains or a desk, select pieces that have innate beauty and style. Spend more money on the items that have to last the longest. You can change the accessories as time goes by but a well-upholstered sofa (our resilient velvets in our Dakota collection are ideal for adding texture and style) or a magnificent dining table, need to be practical and hardwearing. If in doubt, choose something classic that can be made to look more contemporary with clever styling.

Best Kept Secrets Ashley Wilde

Modern classics

A home that exudes timeless sophistication often combines well-chosen pieces from different eras and styles. The result is eclectic, erudite and interesting. The key is to take your time considering which items will accentuate the appeal of your home décor. Spend time thinking about what will go together well. Avoid clutter at all costs, and instead aim for a clean, airy aesthetic that mixes the old with the new. Exploring fabrics that fuse vintage influences with modern minimalism is a great place to start. Ashley Wilde’s Azalea collection  combines classic botanicals with sumptuous plains and contemporary geometrics to create an interesting mix with lasting style.

Best Kept Secrets Ashley Wilde

Fabric of Character

Fabric is one of the most fundamental ways of adding character. By ensuring your fabric choices are practical, graceful and work with the style of the room, you can set the foundations for a home with enduring elegance. Timeless style can be achieved by accentuating the character of your house. For example, if you have French windows, translucent sheers look sensational and never go out of style, try the Twilight collection’s dappled Cirrus metallics which add fresh interest to a classic look. For more rustic properties, echoing the natural setting with textured fabrics is a great way to exaggerate the charm of your home. The Ashley Wilde Bowden collection  is an excellent place to look for inspiration.

Best Kept Secrets Ashley Wilde

Colour play

Ideally you should choose a colour palette that works across the whole home. This will help your home to look more consistent and considered. The eye carries colour, therefore as you go through the house make sure your furnishings echo each other in terms of tone and depth. This adds a sense of visual sophistication and also contributes to making your home feel calm and inviting. One easy way to create consistency in a home is to use the same style of curtain or blinds  from room to room. Chose a neutral tone to create a sense of calm or use a brighter shade to add an accent colour. As long as you’re consistent this trick works extremely well.

Best Kept Secrets Ashley Wilde

Experiment with trends

Timeless style doesn’t have to mean avoiding the trends altogether. If there are colour choices, patterns or accessories that are en vogue you can add these into your décor as decorations that can be changed as time and taste moves on. If you ever want to refresh your interiors, try simply adding a new set of cushions as this instantly revives a familiar space. Our Riverford collection has a range of textured satin jacquards and chenille upholstery fabrics in a palette of fresh and uplifting tones with a classic yet contemporary feel.

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