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Must Try Interiors Trends For 2019

The New Year is a great time to make plans for interior décor projects so what better place to start than by looking at the hottest interiors trends for 2019? We’ve rounded up the design details, colours and styling scenarios that are set to inspire us all over the next twelve months. What’s more we’ve highlighted the must-see fabrics from our collections that can help you adopt these trends in full.




Add ‘Nightwatch Green’ to your colour vocabulary. This brooding, deep green shade is stylish and atmospheric. Such a dominant shade can be difficult to pull off, but it lends itself well to striking details. Try adding a rug in this deep hue against a light wood floor, or consider bringing this shade into your décor via a statement sofa or luxurious pair of curtains.


Fabrics we love that embrace the Moody Green trend:


Ashley Wilde Alaska Sea Foam:

Ashley Wilde Alaska Teal:

Ashley Wilde Glint Teal:

KAI Zenna Collection, Konrad Forest:




Ceilings are set to be a focal feature for 2019, so at last we can step away from statement wallpapers and accent walls and embrace something more refreshing. Whether you choose to highlight a ceiling with textured panels, mirrored tiles, block colours or ornate mouldings, making your house guests look up instead of down is going to be a key mission for many this year. We recommend keeping your furnishings soft and subdued so your ceiling can take centre stage. Try adorning windows with our ethereal sheers from our Twilight collection or styling your bedroom with earthy tones like those found in our Bowden collection.


Fabrics we love that compliment the On The Ceiling trend:


KAI Fabrics Twilight Collection Dimity Stone:

KAI Fabrics Twilight Collection Ripple Silver:

Ashley Wilde Bowden Collection Wick Linen:




Nordic is the trend that keeps on giving. This popular look has eternal charm, because it combines simplicity with comfort so seamlessly. A 2019 update on this trend will look at creating levels of interest and depth. This can be done via clever accessorising and an inspired choice of fabrics.

Colours that are set to wow in a Scandi inspired scheme include lavender, sage and rosy pinks.


Fabrics we love that embrace the Nordic Now trend:


Ashley Wilde Dakota Collection Olive:

Ashley Wilde Hampstead Collection Lunar Heather:

Ashley Wilde Pembroke Collection Balfour Rose:




Jet set travel and roving adventures are the influences behind the nomadic Globe Trotter trend. From clashing patterns with worldwide appeal, to eclectic accessorising, textured fabrics and interesting prints, the Globe Trotter trend is a rich fusion of details. From handcrafted sculptural furnishings to fabrics that have a decorative impact, in order to nail this trend you have to team the right mix of influences and pick colours that can bounce around the room.


Fabrics we love that embrace the Globe Trotter trend:


Ashley Wilde Alaska Collection Rust:

KAI Fabrics Tanner Collection Larsen Teal:

Ashley Wilde Azalea Collection Mansi Oyster:

Ashley Wilde Riverford Collection Ettrick Plum:




Luxury is always in, but in 2019 the idea is to keep things simple, and play up sumptuous textures like metallics and velvets.  Expect to see Art Deco inspired furniture with a mix of rounded edges and geometric shapes. Copper, brushed metal, concrete and brass are all very on trend for this look, and signature furniture pieces like a contemporary chandelier, modern fireplace, chaise longue or drinks trolley are all a must.

Shades that work well for this look include muted golds, dusky rose and aubergine.


Fabrics we love that embrace Laid Back Luxe:


Ashley Wilde Ravello Collection Ravello Orchid:

Ashley Wilde Letino 2 Collection Letino Col Nougat:

Ashley Wilde Lazuli Collection Andesite Blush




Deep jewel tones like ruby, emerald, sapphire and indigo are making their way into the mainstream in the year ahead. These sumptuous colours are going to be finding their way into all corners of interior design, from bathrooms to bedrooms and beyond. To pull this look off seamlessly, make these gemstone shades the focal point by weaving them into an otherwise stark white colour scheme.


Fabrics we love that embrace the Jewel Tones trend:


Alaska Wine:

Alaska Fuchsia:

Glint Scarlet:




Boho chic has been in and out many times over the past fifteen or so years, but for 2019 it has been given a new lease of life. Embracing curved lines, layering and contemporary furnishings, the new bohemian chic makes use of patterned fabrics that are cleaner and brighter, less busy and more simplistic. With soft lines and a blend of vintage and modern styles, this look may well be the easiest and most effective trend to pull off – safe in the knowledge that it will never truly go out of style!


Fabrics we love that embrace the Modern Bohemian trend:


KAI Fabrics Farah Collection Valante Sea Green:

Ashley Wilde Rimini Collection Erla Sunflower:

Ashley Wilde Kendi Collection Zemora Berry:




Clashing metals are going to be a thing in 2019, so expect to see rooms that blend up to three different shades. From brass and nickel and gold to pewter, bronze and silver, there’s bound to be a metal mix that you can get on board with.  Metallics look particularly effective when incorporated as a major element of your décor scheme. That means a sofa or suite upholstered in a shimmering fabric, or statement curtains that catch the light. To make the most of this look, keep the rest of your colours to a muted minimum and avoid rose gold – that shade is officially out.


Fabrics we love that embrace the metallic trend:


Ashley Wilde Lazuli Collection Zircon Gold:

Ashley Wilde Letino 2 Kletino Bronze:

KAI Fabrics Farah Collection – Mori Quartz:


We hope this has inspired your interior vision for 2019!

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