Velvet Allure

How To Incorporate Velvet Into Your Furnishings.

Velvet fabrics have an irresistible and sensual charm; opulent, rich and textural, incorporating velvet into your décor instantly adds a layer of sensuality and warmth. Gemma Drury, Lead Textile Designer at Ashley Wilde and KAI, presents the best ways to style your home with velvet so you can add glamour and drama to your interior design.

Personal touch

The use of velvet can serve several functions –adding depth, definition and textural interest. Gemma says, “Velvet is an ideal material for creating a sense of cosiness. As a fabric it’s best suited for shared spaces that are used for relaxation or entertaining.” Try using it for chairs in the living room or bedroom, or on a feature chair in your study.

Colour rich

Colours look fuller on velvet fabrics, and allow strong shades to draw attention to the luxuriousness of the material. The KAI Como collection has everything from Apple, to Gold to Minx and Teal – no matter what your style, be it minimalist, eclectic or traditional, deep velvet cushions can add a tonal and textural contrast to your colour scheme. Gemma says, “When coming up with the colour ways for Como, I wanted to create a collection of vibrant and softer shades to emphasise that contrast between vivid statement hues and neutral tones.”

Dramatic details

Velvet lends itself to comfort, so using it for upholstery is a great way to include it in your furnishings. Whether you opt for a soft velvet sofa in a neutral shade like Como Linen, a statement pouf in a two tone velvet like Marva Kiwi or a dramatic wing-backed armchair in a gorgeous velvet like Deco Mustard, any of these pieces will add tonal depth and visual interest.

Make a statement

Gemma encourages the use of velvet for bold pieces. She says, “Velvet has to be used sparingly otherwise its richness can become overbearing. For me, velvet really lends itself to making fun signature statements. For example, in the living room, a beautiful barrel chair upholstered in a crushed pink like Deco Rose can add glamour and sophistication, or for the bedroom try using velvet for a luxurious pillow-top ottoman.” For something even bolder the Allegra collection has a fine linear design that is embossed into the surface which creates a faux fur effect making it ideal for an opulent chaise longue or statement curtains.

Play with light

Metallic velvets like those in our Mica collection are particularly beautiful because they reflect the light, lending them a jewel-like quality. To amplify the impact of mottled velvets, choose a lighting arrangement that accentuates the fabric. A reading chair upholstered in a durable peach skin like Nora Sky from the Oslo collection can be made to look irresistible when dressed with a plush silk velvet cushion that gleams invitingly in the glow of a sweeping floor lamp.

Textural team

Teaming velvet accents with other fabrics is a great way to make the tactile quality of velvet really pop. Gemma says, “Jacquards and linen look fantastic when contrasted with velvet.” For example, a satin like Lazio Pearl looks great as curtains – and teaming this with a sofa in a two tone velvet like Adorna Ivory  can really make each fabric pop. Gemma says, “The key to using velvet is to commit to making a bold impression and clashing different textiles. Do this in moderation and you won’t go wrong.”


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Velvet Allure Ashley Wilde
Velvet Allure Ashley Wilde
Velvet Allure Ashley Wilde
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