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With a strong reputation in the industry and renowned for Design, Style, Heritage, Innovation and Service.

The ‘Go to’ Destination for outstanding products, service, experience and staying ahead of trends.


As a family business with a heritage in the fabric industry, Ashley Wilde Group is a company that has been built on three generations of expertise.


Ashley Wilde Group are committed to original and innovative design across their portfolio, from their in-house brands KAI and Ashley Wilde to their range of lifestyle collections. The group has an international reputation for design excellence and exceptional quality.


Ashley Wilde Group leads the way in innovation, and has been for over 60 years. Never afraid to explore new avenues and pioneer new fabrics and production methods, Ashley Wilde keeps modernity and vision at the heart of its values so the business can continue to delight its customers.


 Ashley Wilde Group keep their customers at the forefront of each collection, ensuring that each product an innate sense of style that will endure for years to come. Ashley Wilde customers invest in beauty, quality and the brand’s unique sense of British finesse.


The Group are renowned for offering a First-Class Service and it’s at the heart of what we do. Passionate about working collaboratively and delivering the best service; always with a smile.

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