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The Orla Kiely brand, founded by Orla Kiely, developed into a design company that embodies colour, print and just the right amount of whimsy in many different forms that create her perfect world. Developed from a passion for mid century design and print, this has informed all aspects of the Orla Kiely product, from the ready to wear collections, fragrance, beauty, handbags, watches, jewellery, shoes, homewares, wallpapers and more. She has joined forces with Ashley Wilde to create a new collection of distinctly Orla Kiely printed fabrics. Featuring the Linear Stem, Abacus Flower, Seventies Oval Flower and the signature Multi Stem print amongst many other iconic patterns. Printed on classic 100% cotton canvas, in her distinctive palette of warm dandelion, Seagrass, orange, olive, cool greys, moss, powder blues and dark marine. This collection is designed to inspire our customers to create and bring the Orla Kiely world to their home.

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  1. Abacus Flower
  2. Giant Stem
  3. Linear-Stem
  4. Multi-Stem
  5. Oval Flower
  6. Rose Bud
  7. Scribble
  8. Seventies Flower
  9. Spot Flower
  10. Striped Petal
  11. Sweet Pea
  12. Two Colour Stem
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