Kelmscott Gardens Volume 2

With access to the William Morris Gallery’s extensive archive of detailed, hand printed wallpapers and textiles, we have created the William Morris At Home fabric collection, a charming range of fabrics that wonderfully embody Morris’ passion for nature and botanical beauty. Discovering an intricate silk jacquard of Larkspur in the William Morris Gallery archive inspired us to infuse Morris’ designs with opulence. Sumptuous satin jacquards add a luxurious touch to delicate foliage while linear embroidered velvets offer an indulgent tactility. All encompass the iconic imagery of William Morris and possess a timeless quality to cherish. The colour palette in this volume ranges from rich walnut and berry hues to serene tones of indigo and sage. Softer tones of limestone contrast with the warmer ochre tones and strong iron shades. These colours, spanning both volumes, seamlessly blend and contrast, making it effortless to combine favourite designs.

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  1. African Marigold
  2. African Marigold Velvet
  3. Larkspur Woven
  4. Lodden Embroidery
  5. Marigold Velvet
  6. Strawberry Thief Woven
  7. Wild Tulip
  8. Willow
  9. Willow Woven
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