Sara Miller Volume 1

Explore the enchanting world of Sara Miller London Volume 1 – the inspiring fabric collection from the luxurious lifestyle brand, known for celebrating a love of playful prints and vibrant colours. Inspired by a passion for travel, Sara Miller London’s sumptuous collection of luxury interior fabrics offer an effortless way to add personality to any interior. The collection of woven jacquards, irresistible sateen and plush velvets feature an array of unique, elegant prints in rich, bold tones. The perfect combination of timeless and contemporary.

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29 Items

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  1. Bamboo Sateen
  2. Bamboo Velvet
  3. Bird and Trellis
  4. Bird Gate
  5. Birds of Paradise
  6. Butterflies and Trellis Sateen
  7. Butterflies and Trellis Velvet
  8. Deep Navy Birds
  9. Dragonfly
  10. Green Birds Sateen
  11. Green Birds Velvet
  12. Heron
  13. Hummingbird
  14. Lemon Cluster
  15. Lemur
  16. Linear Bamboo
  17. Love Birds
  18. Metallic Leaves
  19. Monochrome Stripe
  20. Orchard Floral
  21. Sara Miller Volume 1 Saluzzo
  22. Sea Horse
  23. Tropical Palm Sateen
  24. Tropical Palm Velvet
  25. Underwater Sateen
  26. Underwater Velvet
  27. Willow Tree
  28. Wisteria Sateen
  29. Wisteria Velvet
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