Wiltshire Meadow Collection

Artist Clarissa Hulse’s latest luxury fabric and wallpaper collection is an invitation to wander into a magical Wiltshire Garden - where wildflowers and seedheads glow against luminous, open skies. This collection is the culmination of over twenty years spent hand printing botanical designs, and is a celebration of the timeless beauty of the natural world. Every leaf, stem, bud and flower was collected by Clarissa in the wilds of Wiltshire, and carefully photographed back in her London studio. Clarissa’s secret is to then play as little as possible with nature’s own compositions in order to capture the effortless elegance of organic patterns. Renowned for her evocative use of colour, the four colour palettes in this collection - golden hour, dusky skies, morning dew and midnight garden - have been meticulously selected by Clarissa to create more than just a colour scheme. The ombre hues capture an atmosphere, which will lift and transform any room. “Now more than ever, we’re starting to realise the importance of nature and how precious every tree and plant is. My aim with this collection is to share my eternal wonderment at nature, and to bring some of that beauty and feeling into your home. I hope it brings you joy too.” - Clarissa

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  1. Artist Stripe
  2. Artist Stripe Velvet
  3. Fennel Flower
  4. Maidenhair
  5. Meadow Grass
  6. Rue
  7. Serendipity
  8. Serendipity Velvet
  9. Summer Border
  10. Teasel
  11. Tisbury
  12. Whispering Grass
  13. Wild Chervil
  14. Woodland Fern
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